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Unintentional Sin
by Jenny on June 19th, 2018

"If one individual commits an unintentional sin, the guilty person must bring a one-year-old female goat for a sin offering." Numbers 15:27

I used to travel for work. Yes, before I added the title SAHHM (stay-at-home-homeschooling-mom) to the end of my name, I held a position in Corporate America. Now I travel for work too, but I travel in an over-sized SUV packed full of kids. Back then I traveled first-class. Well, maybe not always first class, but it seemed like first class because even if you're surrounded by six screaming kids, at least in an airplane you're not also trying to navigate the vehicle, plus they serve you a snack!

Before my plane would depart I would almost always offer up a short prayer. I considered myself a Christian. I believed in God. I believed in Heaven. And in the event my flight didn't reach it's intended destination I wanted to ensure I would arrive in Heaven. So, I would pray something like this, "Hi God, um, I just want to say I'm sorry for everything I ever did wrong, even the things I didn't realize I did wrong. Really, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. Thank you God, Amen."

I knew I was a sinner. I knew sin separated me from God. But what drove my urgency to pray wasn't love for God, or a true desire to please God . . . it was fear. Fear that I had unconfessed sin, and that my unconfessed sin would keep me from spending eternity with God, you know, if my flight went sour.

Let me be clear. Confessing sin is an excellent practice. James 5:16 tells us to confess our sins to teach other. First John 1:9 says that, "if we confess our sins to Him, He is faithful and just to forgive." In Psalm 51:17, David tells us that God will not reject a broken and repentant heart. Repentance isn't just good, it is necessary in our relationship with God. We will continue to sin against God, and we must continue to recognize and to confess that God's Ways are higher and better than our ways.

But, we needn't live in fear that one, little, unconfessed sin will cause God to close the gates of Heaven on us. Yes, sin separates us from God. But Jesus offered Himself as the sacrifice for our sin--all of our sin.

In the Old Testament, God explains through Moses all the sacrifices required on behalf of His people. The sacrifices were many! Certainly God required sacrifice for intentional sin, but in Numbers 15 we read about sacrifices required for unintentional sin. Yes, even unintentional sin separated the people from God, and therefore required a sacrifice in order to restore fellowship between God and His people.

The Good News?

Jesus offered Himself as a single sacrifice for sins, good for all time. (Hebrews 10:12)

Sin requires sacrifice. But when I embrace the understanding that Jesus offered Himself as a sacrifice for my sin--ALL of my sins--I no longer need to live in fear that God might deny me access to eternity with Him. Yes, I should still confess my sin to Him. I must acknowledge that His ways are good and that my ways fall short. But I no longer need to offer up a last-minute plea for mercy before I depart on a trip. Instead, I can offer up a prayer of thanks. I can live at peace knowing that all of my sin, both intentional sin AND unintentional sin, have been forgiven in Christ Jesus.

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Dorean - June 19th, 2018 at 7:33 AM
Beautifully written. Thank you for sharing!
Celia Peace - July 1st, 2018 at 3:03 PM
Your written words, your life, your voice inspire me! Thank you for being you~
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