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A Place of Peace

One Mother's Inspirational Journey to Reclaim Life after the Death of Her Daughter
When twenty-eight-year-old Jennifer Hander learns that she and her husband are expecting identical twin girls, she’s ecstatic. But what should be a fantastic experience soon turns into a medical nightmare. The girls develop TTTS (Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome) and are delivered by emergency caesarian section at just twenty-six weeks’ gestation. Alexa and Alysa both enter neonatal intensive care minutes after delivery. Three months later Alexa is released, but Alysa never makes it home.

A Place of Peace chronicles Hander’s intimate experience, from the twins’ conception until the day that Alysa passes away in her mother’s arms. In the midst of her overwhelming grief, Hander realizes that the loss of a child is enough to destroy a person—but she refuses to succumb to the darkness. Instead, she clings to her faith and allows the peace of the Lord to enter her heart.

Hander’s moving tribute to her daughter shows us that the Lord has wonderful things planned for all of us. Only when we open ourselves to his will and accept his plan can we find contentment. A Place of Peace inspires readers to follow God’s path and discover the hope found though a relationship with him.

Professional Reviews for A Place of Peace

“In her book, Jennifer Hander shares a remarkable journey. Throughout these easily read pages, you . . . feel as if you are sitting in a quiet comfortable room talking with her.” – Debbie Ciardi, Resource and Publications Coordinator, National Organization of Mothers Of Twins Clubs (NOMOTC)

“Of the many infant loss books I’ve read, A Place of Peace is one I found captivating and difficult to put down. Jennifer is a very gifted writer who candidly shares her sorrow, joy, and how she ultimately came to a place of peace.” – Rebekah Mitchell, Founder and President, Mommies Enduring Neonatal Death (M.E.N.D.)

“ . . . The author writes from a Christian perspective, but does a wonderful job of talking about her faith without preaching or promoting, but simply explaining her process, her struggles, her coping, her insights, and her growth. . . . The author writes about having always wanted to lead an extraordinary life. She indeed leads an extraordinary life, not because of what happens to her, but because of what she does with it and who she strives to become.” – Deborah L. Davis, Ph.D., Developmental psychologist, researcher, consultant, author of four books, including Empty Cradle, Broken Heart, Fulcrum 1996

“From a guy who normally reads about technology and politics, A Place of Peace is most certainly worth the short investment of time and causes the reader to gain a new perspective on the value and meaning of life.” – C. Chris Johnson, CEO & Publisher, Frisco Style Magazine

Reader Feedback for A Place of Peace

“Thank you so much for publishing such a wonderful and inspiring book! . . . reading your story was like seeing my own thoughts and emotions in print. In my lifelong journey of healing, I will count your book as a tremendous blessing that God put in my path.” – Laura

“I truly enjoyed every sentence, page, and chapter. I shed many tears and some or your profound statements are still pounding in my head.” – Nolvia

“SO much of what you wrote expressed many of my own feelings. Thank you so much for writing this beautiful book with such openness and honesty.” – Rosanne