Jordan Ministries
Embracing God's Promise of Abundance When Hardship Endures

Hi there! Let me share with you a few things that I love!

My Family

My husband and I met as a freshman and a sophomore at Texas A&M University in January 1996, and we're still dating today! We have six living children and one child at home with the Lord. Our five outdoor kitties help keep critters away, and we hope to add a canine friend back to our family sometime soon!
When my husband first asked about my thoughts on homeschooling I told him that I loved the idea of other families homechooling . . . but that I had no intentions of homeschooling our family. Reluctantly I agreed to try homeschooling our oldest through her last semester of preschool, and we've homeschooled ever since. I love raising our children with the perspective that education is simply the means by which they will accomplish the call that God has placed on their lives. Our schoolwork takes 3-4 hours to complete each day, which leaves plenty of time to do life together as a family. Click on Free Resources for a list of my favorite homeschooling things.
In 2012 and 2014 the Lord allowed me to teach women's Bible study to a group of pastor's wives in Rwanda and to a group of widows in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The faith of these women who have so little and have suffered so much made an immeasurable impact on my life. Hardly a day passes when I fail to remember their perseverance. Though I know my absence places a strain on my family, I continue to pray that the Lord allows me to teach and worship with women in other nations as He sees fit.
Studying, Writing and Teaching

When people learn that I have a degree in Chemical Engineering, they say, "Wow, you must be smart!" I'm not that smart . . . really. I nearly flunked my first chemical engineering course. I simply learned to study well. When hopelessness threatened to consume me after the loss of my daughter, I began to apply my well-learned study habits to God's Word. Now I love sharing with other women through writing and speaking the hope and strength I find through a relationship with God and radical obedience to His Word.
Just For Fun
I love to clean (but not cook), garden (but I kill lots of plants in the process), read (but I mark in my books), drink coffee (but only with lots of cream), and eat salty snacks and dark chocolate (but I try not to keep either in the house because I find both delicacies hard to resist). I want to go on adventure dates with my husband (but it's hard to sneak away with so many kids). And although I've straightened my semi-wavy hair for four decades (I shamefully even took my flat-iron with me to Africa), Baby #7 seems to have caused my hair to curl (but the curls are easier to manage and they help hide the gray)!

How My Story Began

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