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Speaking Events

My greatest desire is for women to experience an abundance of life through a relationship with Christ followed by radical obedience to His Word. For over ten years I have enjoyed the privilege of speaking to women throughout my homestate and to women across the globe in the mountains of Rwanda and from the jungles of the Congo.

I would love to share with your group! To aid in your consideration of me as a speaker I have answered below a list of commonly asked questions. If you would like more information, or if the Lord is leading you to book me as a speaker, complete the contact form at the bottom of this page, and I will respond within 48 hours of your request.

Speaker Bio

Jenny Hander passionately inspires women to take God at His Word. Having endured the loss of one of her infant twin daughters, Jenny understands firsthand the challenge women face believing God's promises of goodness when life falls apart. With a compassionate heart and contagious spirit Jenny leads audiences into a deeper relationship with Christ by exposing the truth of God's Word in light of hard times. Jenny is the author of A Place of Peace and founder of Crossing Your Jordan Ministries. She resides in Central Texas with her husband where she homeschools their six children and teaches women's Bible study as often as the Lord allows.

Speaker Information

Do you have a sample of your speaking talent?
Yes! Click HERE to view my Mother's Day Message.

Do you charge for speaking events?
Not at this time. The Lord meets our family's needs through my husband's employment. I do accept love offerings, which I then use to continue my ministry domestically and in places around the world. Unfortunately, donations made to Crossing Your Jordan Ministries are not yet tax-deductible.

Are you willing to travel?
Absolutely! I do not expect to be reimbursed for travel within 30 miles of my hometown. For travel distances ranging between 30-100 miles outside of my hometown I ask to be reimbursed the standard mileage rate. For distances greater than 100 miles outside of my hometown I prefer to travel by air at the expense of the host. Exceptions do apply.

What can you offer our group that differs from other speakers?
Having endured the loss of one of my infant twin daughters in 2005, I understand firsthand the challenge women face believing God's promises of goodness amidst difficult times.

Much like Luke 24 tells us that Christ had to reteach His Word to the disciples after the severity of the cross left them bewildered, God has allowed me to rediscover His promises in light of personal hardship. A teacher at heart, my story will impart hope to those drowning in despair, and the structure of my messages will empower even the newest believer with the desire and the ability to draw closer to God through His Word.

Are you willing to speak on a topic other than the topics listed at the side of this page?
Prayerfully, yes! I also love to teach on the topic of spiritual gifting and other biblically-based messages.

Do you offer any messages appropriate for the Christmas season?
Yes! I have written four different Bible studies geared toward helping despondent women find reason to celebrate the Christmas season regardless of her personal season of life. I am able to deliver the material from each study as keynote message.

What Bible translation do you use?
All of them! Though I prefer to study and teach from the New Living Translation (NLT), I believe that each English translation serves its own purpose in Bible study. For example, although I would not recommend the Message translation for Scripture memorization, the Message does provide a broad understanding of those difficult-to-study passages. The New American Standard Bible (NASB) is closely translated to the original Hebrew and Greek, which makes it an excellent resource for understanding the original meaning of a particular text. Though I do not read Hebrew or Greek, I often use Bible study websites to research words in their original form, and I love showing women how to do the same.

Do you have experience speaking through a translator?
I do! In 2012 and 2014 the Lord allowed me to help lead the women's portion of two discipleship conferences in Rwanda and DR Congo during which I spent a combined total of five weeks teaching women's Bible study through a translator.

Do you speak to non-church groups?
Absolutely! Though my talk will be a message of how to find hope and life through a relationship with Jesus Christ, I have experience in speaking to secular-based grief support groups, women's leadership groups and even a group of medical professionals during which participants earned continuing education credit as I shared with them from the perspective of a parent with a sick child.

Speaking Topics

As a speaker and a women's Bible study teacher I have prepared numerous lessons from Scripture. However, the greatest wisdom I can impart to women is the lesson on which my entire ministry is based: how a woman can overcome obstacles of life and enter her promised life of abundance through a thriving relationship with Christ. The second greatest lesson I can share is how to study the Bible. Both topics are described in-depth below.
Crossing Your Jordan  Event or
Keynote Message

Do your women know that they can experience a full, rich life--regardless of personal circumstance--through a relationship with Christ?

For women's conferences and overnight retreats I offer a three-part series on my foundational message, Crossing Your Jordan. In this message women will discover that a life of abundance is available to them–regardless of personal circumstance–through a relationship with Christ. In each of the following sessions I will:

From Session One:
  • Share my personal testimony, including my struggle to believe God for a life of abundance after my daughter’s death
  • Relate a woman's journey into her promised life of abundance to that of the Israelites' journey into the Promised Land
  • Encourage women to identify their own personal Jordan–that which keeps them from embracing God's promise of abundant life. The time of self-reflection provides an excellent opportunity for table-leaders to guide small groups through discussion.
From Session Two:
  • Explore five key biblical truths which proved paramount to my renewed relationship with the Lord
From Session Three:
  • Lead women through a time of "crossing over" during which they will select 5-6 key verses of Scripture to construct a “bridge of truth," along which they may travel by faith across their Jordan River into a life of abundance in the Lord
  • Equip women for future battles in their promised life of abundance by adorning them with the armor of God
I can also present a key-note version of Crossing Your Jordan within a 45 minute time slot.
Biblical Literacy Workshop

Do your women know how to read the Bible?

Have you or your women ever . . .
  • Struggled to locate different books of the Bible?
  • Wondered if Old Testament laws still apply to us today?
  • Realized that the book of Psalms contains prayers that describe every human emotion?
  • Understood the original audience of each Old Testament prophet?
  • Questioned whether the New Testament addresses cultural issues that are actually relevant today?
Rather than studying a particular topic or passage of Scripture my Biblical Literacy Workshop explores the mechanics of God's Word. Women will learn how to become a student of the Bible rather than just a reader of it so that they may grow closer to God through in-depth experience with His Word.

The Biblical Literacy Workshop in-full takes a minimum of eight hours. Because most women's events do not allow for such an extended length of teaching time, I can present the information in a variety of two-hour sessions. Contact me to develop a teaching plan that best fits your group.

Session One: Overview of the Bible and Bible Study Tools
Session Two: Old Testament History
Session Three: Old Testament Psalms, Proverbs and the Prophets
Session Four: New Testament

Upcoming Events

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