Jenny Hander passionately inspires women to take God at His Word. Having endured the loss of one of her infant twin daughters, Jenny understands firsthand the challenge women face believing God's promises of goodness when life falls apart. With a compassionate heart and contagious spirit Jenny leads audiences into a deeper relationship with Christ by exposing the truth of God's Word in light of hard times. Jenny is the author of A Place of Peace and founder of Crossing Your Jordan Ministries. She resides in Central Texas with her husband where she homeschools their children and teaches women's Bible study. 
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Speaking Logistics

Since 2010 I have spent most Sunday mornings teaching a ladies small group, ranging in size from six to sixty (okay, maybe sixty isn't exactly a "small" group). I enjoy women's events because, unlike a Sunday morning small group, they allow for a more intense time of study in the Scriptures. My speaking style is that of a teacher. I offer to prepare one-page handouts for each teaching session (printed at the expense of the event host). I seek to encourage women in their walk with Christ by teaching them who He has revealed Himself to be in the Scripture. Keynote events aren't my strong suit but teaching events fill my soul. Most often, event coordinators approach me with a teaching topic in mind, but I also welcome the opportunity to share with groups lessons that the Lord has me learning at the time of the event. I have spoken to groups as large as 800 and taught as many as three separate sessions in one day. I do not charge a speaking fee but I welcome love offerings.

Speaking Topics

Since 2010 I have spoken on numerous biblical topics including living abundantly in Christ, pursing your calling through spiritual gifting and finding hope in the character of God. I require a minimum of twenty-five minutes to teach a session, but I try not to teach any longer than forty-five minutes per session. I use stories from the Old Testament to depict literal examples of spiritual concepts taught in the New Testament. In addition to topical teaching, I also offer two forty-five minute stand-alone sessions on 1) a historical overview of the Old and New Testaments, including the intertestamental period and 2) the reliability of the Scriptures. I teach from multiple English translations of the Scripture, most often from the New Living Translation, and I reference passages or words in the original Hebrew and Greek languages when needed to expound on a particular point. My end-goal in teaching is not just to inspire a woman for the weekend but to show her how to pursue a lasting relationship with God through personal study of the Scriptures long after the ladies event ends.