Living abundantly despite hardship

I think given the option, most people welcome the idea of living a full, rich life. But when hardship and tragedy strike, is it possible to still live abundantly? Or must you succumb to a life of mediocrity and defeat . . .

A little bit about me.

My greatest passion is teaching women how to embrace a life of abundance through a relationship with God by faith in Jesus Christ. Having endured the loss of one of my infant twin daughters in 2005, I know firsthand the challenge to believe in the goodness of God when life isn't good. I abandoned my faith (for a few days), listened to secular counselors and support groups and considered surrendering to mediocre living. But the Bible offered me the kind of hope I wanted. Little by little I began to study the Bible. I discovered that God is still good, still powerful, and has plans for each of us that are more abundant than we can think to ask for or imagine. It would be my great pleasure to lead you along a path of His Word until you too embrace a life of abundance through your relationship with Him.